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Derived from the dried seed pods of the orchid, vanilla is arguably the oldest known flavouring ingredient and the second most expensive spice next to saffron, due to the extensive labour required in growing, harvesting and curing the beans. 

Cultivated in Mexico by the Totonac people, and later by the Aztecs, vanilla was introduced into Europe, in the 1520's by the Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortez and gained exclusive favour amongst the rich and aristocratic.

3 main cultivars are grown globally, giving rise to Bourbon Madagascan, Tahitian and, the king of vanillas, Mexican, with distinct and very different flavour profiles.


Bourbon/Madagascan Vanilla

Accounting for 75% of the vanilla on the market, Bourbon Madagascan has a sweet, creamy and slightly caramellic flavour, and is perhaps the most widely accepted vanilla profile

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Vanilla P74332

Profile: Sweet, rich and intensely creamy.

Prefect for: Bakery Application


Vanilla PG92381

Profile: Caramellic, buttery and rich.

Perfect for: Desserts and Ice Cream


Vanilla 90781

Profile:Sweet and creamy with smooth aftertaste.

Perfect for:Desserts and Ice Cream


Vanilla IS93371

Profile:Sweet, caramellic with the addition of vanilla bean seeds.

Perfect for: Desserts and Ice Cream


Tahitian Vanilla

Has a unique floral, fruity, cherry like flavour


Vanilla P60611

Profile: Fruity, almond-cherry notes.

Prefect for: Bakery Application


Vanilla PG92661

Profile: Delicate, floral cherry-blossom notes.

Perfect for: low-temperature creams and frostings


Mexican Vanilla

Perhaps the most authentic vanilla. Mexican vanilla possesses a distinctive spicy woody profile.


Vanilla P63112

Profile: Intensely aromatic and spicy.

Prefect for: Bakery Application


Vanilla PG92681

Profile: Spicy, woody, vanilla bean.

Perfect for: chocolates, Truffles, Ganache




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