Regulatory Information

Ungerer Limited has the market intelligence and knowledge to support your business and provide regulatory information and advice.

Our highly skilled personnel, who major in regulatory affairs, health and safety regulations and environmental policies, can assist you in developing products that comply with relevant standards.

Ungerer Limited is an active member of the following organisations:

  • REACH Ready
  • British Retail Consortia Global Standard Issue 8
  • IFRA - International Fragrance Association
  • The UK Flavour Association
  • BEOA - The British Essential Oils Association
  • RIFM - Research Institute for Fragrance Materials
  • BSP - British Society of Perfumers
  • BSF - British Society of Flavourists
  • IFEAT - International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades
  • KLBD - Kosher Certification

Take a closer look at our affiliations HERE.



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